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Crown and bridge models

These are models with removable dies, printed with 25 micron layer thickness and a maximum resolution. The price depends on whether expansion. Either reduce the model to one quadrant or send us the whole jaw. Crown bridge models are always master model with antagonist.

Orthodontic models

This is to gear models for the aligners technology. These are printed with the smallest layer thickness of only 25 microns. On request we print your models with base. Please send us your STL data and we will send your finished printed reliably model in the next business days. 

Digital temporaries

An aesthetic provisional as the final crown.

We are able to provide dentists

fine cost-temporaries, which can test the final wearing crown design to the patient. With unique tools for virtual dissection and the Smile Composer we can also construct aesthetic temporaries without a plaster model.

Full anatomical Retaurationen

Inlays, 3/4- or full crowns made ​​with perfect fit in a variety of materials such as Emax or Vita Suprinity with the digital workflow.

Removable partial dentures / model casting

We construct digital and thereby use a reduced anatomy as an essential part of the framework. Get all the benefits of metal structures such as wear resistance, scaffold strength and excellent esthetics. Are manufactured our model cast frameworks in Lasermelting process and impress with a high density and durability.


Digital dentures

Digital-made dentures with the Smile Concept. Available with wax base to try or directly with resin base to finish.

Individual abutments, bridges and bares

Our deliverables fit perfectly with all different implants, no matter the manufacturer. Products are available with a titanium bonding bases or in a single piece. Of course, we offer to you the possibility to choose trough different materials (chromium, cobalt, zirconium). A very high precision in manufacturing is guarantee either by milling technics (CNC) or by Lasermelting processing.


Michigans, Mouthguard, Bites

Bite and, Michigans, mouthguard and similar dental applications.

Custom impression tray

Perfectly made ​​impression tray without model, directly scanned the print and made the tray ​​digitaly.

Surgical models

Send us your DICOM data from a CT or DVT and we separate with our program the part you need printed and planning (tissue, bones, arteries, ...). Then we print the converted stl format model. In order to create an individual offer for you, simply register and load the DICOM data in a ZIP folder up.


You want to see your creativity printed in 3D, resurrect your plans for the house, make your neuerste invention "tangible" and viewed from all sides? Then ask for your personal non-binding offer. Download to your design on our server and we will calculate the cost. Up to a size of 200x200x200 mm, we print your object in one piece, large moldings we can share about our CAD program and put back together again after printing.

Small series

If you need a logo in 3D, custom gift items for your employees or other advertising materials, we print these objects in various materials. The price that we provide to you after viewing your data by offering designed, depending on effort, size and material.

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